Here at Potato Corner we do french fries. Not just plain old French fries, we do the WORLD'S BEST FLAVOURED FRIES!

Established in 1992 we put together a team of spud enthusiasts and developed flavours specifically designed for Potato Corner. Opening our first kiosk outlet in October we quickly stamped our brand in the market place as a leader in flavoured french fries, generating a stream of interest from all over the country and across the globe. With well over 350 locations operating to date, it's safe to say Potato Corner is here to stay.

Australians, clearly spud lovers, eat a whopping 60kg per person every year! So it was a no- brainer to bring the Potato Corner brand over to our Oceania neighbours.

One bite from any of our patented flavours and you'll quickly understand what all the hype is about. Choose from Cheddar, Rancho Cheddar, Barbeque, Chilli Barbeque and Sour Cream. Whether you choose our Loopy, Straight or Criss-cut fries you'll truly be satisfied with the textures and flavours that are left on your palette. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and try them out for yourself!

Our Story

The Rise of PotatoCorner.